Sr. Judy Donovan, CSJ
Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon- Maine Sector
80 Garland Road
Winslow, ME 04901

"Whatever you are doing, that which makes you feel the most alive...that is where God is."  
Ignatius of Loyola

Today, the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph of Lyons number nearly 1,000.  
We serve in 15 countries and have 203 houses throughout the world. The congregation has four provinces,
Maine, Mexico, India and the Province of Europe. The province of Europe is made up of the Lyons Congregation in France and the congregations of Bourg and Bordeaux. When Bourg and Bordeaux merged with Lyons in 1996, it was decided that the term “Province of France” should be dropped because Bourg had two provinces that were not in France. They were Switzerland and Belgium. All felt that the term “Province of Europe” would be more appropriate. Bourg was once a part of the Medaille Congregation. It was a unanimous decision of both Medaille and Bourg to separate in 1977 and that the separation was in the best interest of both congregations at that time. The former general superior of Bourg Annie Falcon said,”
the decision to separate was a sad one for everyone, but at the time, Bourg did not have a global vision.” This vision only surfaced in 1989 when Bourg actively sought to merge with Chambery and later voted to merge with Lyons.

The congregation also has five regions:
Egypt, and 

The congregational cross
of the Sisters of St Joseph of Lyons
can be seen around the world


The two angles with chiseled edges:
the top one evokes for us the Trinity of heaven
the bottom, the Trinity of the earth

The focal point between both “Trinities” is realized in Jesus:
through the Incarnation, He binds heaven and earth
through the cross, He is Saviour

The other two angles (shadow and light) symbolize:
the Paschal mystery of death and life

The inscription on the back “that they may be one”, in Aramaic
reminds us of our charism of communion

As each sister has traveled throughout the world, 
she carries the cross on her person
and the meaning in her heart.