Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon - Justice

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Eye on Justice

As Province, we have committed to grow in collaboration with people who actively encourage as well as promote unity & justice.  We live in solidarity with and participate in the struggles of the impoverished and denounce the causes of poverty by engaging in structural change. 

We have called ourselves to: 

  • Use our corporate voice to denounce injustices affecting the impoverished.

  • Continue making socially responsible investments.

  • Boycott corporations or organizations when they are known for unjust practices.

  • Vote with an informed conscience for individuals who are concerned with the needs of the poor and for agendas that favor the impoverished. 

  • Participate in at least one established organization that promotes respect and affirms the dignity of persons.

  • Tear down social/ecclesial barriers by engaging in inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogues. 

  • Live more simply, examining our consumer patterns and promoting responsible stewardship of the earth's resources. 

  • As part of this proves, we have a very strong Peace and Justice Commission which meet regularly, heighten our awareness of relevant issues and invite us to action as part of our stance towards unity and reconciliation.  Monthly, they publish "Eye on Justice" as a means towards consciousness raising. 

    Global Solidarity...... Global Spirituality...... Global Citizen......

    As an international body,
    we have established an
    International Peace and Justice commission, comprising of delegates 
    from the Provinces/regions of our
    15 countries in order to work together
    in a more unified manner.  
    The goal/mission of the commission is to work to weave just relationships with, within, among and beyond the Congregation as a way of fostering and promoting
    "That all May Be One".  
    The 3-year plan reflects this international objective.