Sr. Judy Donovan, CSJ
Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon- Maine Sector
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"Whatever you are doing, that which makes you feel the most alive...that is where God is."  
Ignatius of Loyola

Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon

Purpose of the Justice and Peace Commission

  • Serve the Congregation in strengthening the understanding that Justice and Peace is an integral part of the Mission and Charism of the Congregation of St. Joseph

  • Seek to promote new ways of being and new ways of living just relationships among ourselves, with the “dear neighbor” and all of creation

  • Promote an understanding and implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and the Earth Charter in the light of the Gospel, the CSJ Mission and Charism, and the 2005 Chapter Orientation

  • Work towards the empowerment and dignity of women, respect for the Earth and all forms of life, and partnerships for the purpose of development of peaceful and just relationships.

Process to be used by the Justice and Peace Commission

Recognizing the importance of rooting all acts of Justice within the Gospel, CSJ Mission and Charism and the 2005 Chapter Orientations, the commission uses the following characteristics for any and all of the programs, projects and activities it creates and implements:

  • Contemplation/ experiences of prayer

  • Education/ input

  • Conversation/ discussion

  • Communication/ sharing of information

  • Action/ appropriate activity.

Proposed outcomes of the Justice and Peace work

  • Develop a better understanding of our internationality, and the desire to increase our awareness of the need to include others rather than exclude

  • Experience a sense of hope and positive energy regarding the work of Peace and Justice, and communicate that hope and energy to others

  • Support and strengthen the dignity, empowerment and development of women at the local, regional, national and international levels

  • Renew an awareness of the need for the CSJ Charism to respond to the realities of our times, especially working with others to eradicate poverty.

Projects of the Justice and Peace Commission (2006-2007)

  • Congregational prayer

  • Engage the Congregation in prayer experiences on a regular basis, including themes of the Gospel, Justice and Peace, the 2005 Chapter Orientation, Millennium Development Goals, the Earth Charter, women and partnership

  • Include the elements of education, conversation, communication and action

  • Inspire, challenge and encourage the members to deepen their understanding of the Gospel call for Justice

  • Raise awareness about other religions and cultures, and extend sensitivity and respect for the diverse ways others pray for Peace and Justice

  • Educational Programs

  • Engage the Congregation in a variety of educational programs on the themes and topics of Peace and Justice, the Millennium Development Goals, the Earth Charter, women and partnership

  • Offer preparatory materials, creative and interactive input sessions, and follow-up materials on the particular topic of the program

  • Deepen the understanding of the particular Peace and Justice theme or topic within the context of the global society

  • Include contemplation, conversation, communication and action

  • Address local and global topics as they pertain to the Millennium Development Goals, the Earth Charter, women and partnership

Evaluation Criteria

  • Seek to assess the level of participation among the members of the Congregation in the Prayer and Educational Programs

  • Observe the interest and enthusiasm among the members regarding the Prayer and Educational Programs

  • Try to anticipate the recognition of conversion of hearts and minds among the members about the work of Justice and the various issues and topics