Sr. Judy Donovan, CSJ
Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon- Maine Sector
80 Garland Road
Winslow, ME 04901

"Whatever you are doing, that which makes you feel the most alive...that is where God is."  
Ignatius of Loyola

Declaration of International Women Religious Leaders

We, almost 800 women leaders of one million members of Catholic Religious Institutes throughout the world reflection on the theme Women Religious Many Cultures, One Heart: Sent to be a living presence of the tenderness and mercy of God in our wounded world publicly declare our determination to work in solidarity with one another within our own religious communities and in the countries in which we are located to address insistently at every level the abuse and sexual exploitation of women and children with particular attention to the trafficking of women which has become a lucrative multi-national business.

Drawing on our long tradition as educators we will continue to promote the education and formation of women within and outside our own organizations by committing personnel and financial resources to ensure the holistic development of women at every stage of life empowering them to develop an inner strength and appreciation of their God-given gifts to promote and enhance life.

As women committed to human rights we declare once more our solidarity with the poorest countries and restate our resolution to work for the cancellation of the International Debt.

As women opposed to the perpetuation of war and violence we express our commitment to the creation of a culture of peace and we call on heads of governments and multi-national companies to stop the sale and purchase of armaments.

As women concerned about the preservation of Mother Earth We will take action when and wherever possible to end the destructive behaviour that causes global warming and climate change and threatens all forms of life on our planet.

We pledge ourselves to implement these resolutions through a system of networking among ourselves and with other existing organizations with similar concerns within Churches and in society.

Attentive to the cries that arise with one voice from many cultures we will respond as women disciples of Jesus Christ seeing the world with the eyes of the heart and with the compassion of a loving God.