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Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon- Maine Sector
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"Whatever you are doing, that which makes you feel the most alive...that is where God is."  
Ignatius of Loyola

Justice & Peace Links

  Sisters of St. Joseph
Eye On Justice
CSJ Newsletter
Building peace hour by hour - a site that asks us to pledge an hour to peacemaking.
Pax Christi - a Catholic international peace organization which analyzes root causes of war and gives many resources for nonviolence.
Click on Peacenet for links to September 11, 2001 issues
American Friends Service Committee - excellent source for issues and responses. Also many tools for teachers of persons of all ages.
Institute for Policy Studies - analyzes US policy on several issues
SALT - resource for social justice - Click on SALT links for a wealth of links on current issues
Bread for the World. Seeking justice, ending hunger  
Amnesty International. Working to protect human rights worldwide.  
Giving hope to a world of need.
Quixote Center - Click on Haiti Reborn to find current and accurate information from Haiti and the effect of the US economic sanctions on the poor.
CorpWatch - holding corporations accountable for responsible action
Alternet - an alternative to corporate owned media - takes all current issues.
Institute for food and development policy - highlights issues on the world food supply, - the obscenity of genetically modifying food and its cost to developing countries
Earth Light - a magazine that analyzes environmental issues through the eyes of the sacred
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network - analyzes the root causes of war
EnviroLink Network - links to many environmental issues
National: - follow legislative hot news 
Maine State Senate  
Maine State House of Representatives 
  Other Important Links
A world wide network of grateful people - a great resource