Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon - Mission




Whether we are among people who live in pockets of poverty and neglect, in middle class neighborhoods, or in areas of greater affluence, 
we are 
"sisters of the neighborhood" 
trying to meet the varied needs of people and to create
centers of relationship and unity. True to the dream of our foundresses, we continue to try to "divide the city, seek the ills and cure them."

 We can be found in:

  • soup kitchens

  • shelters

  • schools

  • hospitals

  • prisons

  • retreat centers

  • offices

  • nursing homes and

  • hospices 


We are: 

  • educators

  • lawyers

  • nurses

  • social workers

  • patient advocates

  • spiritual directors

  • parish ministers

  • administrators

  • artists

  • community organizers

  • mental health therapists

  • musicians

  • and a myriad of other things.


We still seek to do, 
as our history tells us, 
"whatever is possible for women to do"
and to meet the
needs of our fragile world.